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Diagnose the Health of Your Nails

Nov 17, 2015

Diagnose the Health of Your Nails

There is more to our nails than just a pretty manicure. Our fingernails can do more than just giving awesome back-scratches, scraping off scabs, for habitual biting, and flaunting off crazy nail art designs. Did you know that our fingernails can reveal clues of our overall health status?? Look at your nails and diagnose the health state. Your nails might be telling you something.
The Texture of Your Nails
1) Nail Splits:
Overpainting your nails can lead breakages on your nail bed. Many nail polishes have harsh chemicals that over time can cause a lot of damages. Using Nubar and Caption can prevent the damages on your fingernails since they both do not contain the top 3 harsh chemicals. Give your nails a break from polishing and keep them buffed clean and hydrated. The split within the nails can also be a sign of thyroid disease.

2) Nails Indented or Curved:
Results from a poor functioning iron metabolism. Either you create too much or too little. If this happening to you, contact a dermatologist. They will help your with a treatment plan.

3) Clubbed Nails/Fingers:
It is a sign of low oxygen levels. This may also reveal some serious health issues: lung disease, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and many more!

4) Nails Ridged or Bumpy:
Results from either inflammation, fever, medications, or surgery can get your nails growing out bumpy. Buffing them out and time is all you can do. Over time the imperfections will grow out.

5) Nails Rippled:
This may be an early sign of inflammatory arthritis. The skin under the nail bed may look reddish/brown.

6) Nail Biting:
We understand it's a nasty habit that comes from anxiety. It can also be a sign of an obsessive-compulsive disorder that needs to be discussed with a doctor.
The Color of Your Nails
1) Very Pale Nails:
Can be a sign of anemia, heart disease, malnutrition, and congestive heart failure.
2) White Nails:
The white spots on your nails are nothing to worry about. But if you find that most of your nail is covered in white then it is a sign of liver problems like hepatitis or a kidney disease.

3) Yellow Nails:
If you smoke, stop now. The nicotine can dye your fingernails that ugly yellow color. If your nails are very thick with a hue, that may be a result of chronic bronchitis. The most common cause for yellow nails is a fungal infection, which can be treated with anti-fungal treatments. If not treated immediately, overtime the nail bed may retract, thicken, and then eventually crumble.

4) Dark Lines Beneath the Nails:
It is important that it is checked by a doctor immediately. This may be a serious sign of melanoma, a very dangerous type of skin cancer!

5) Green Nails:
Results from a bacterial infection. Treat it by dipping your fingers in diluted white vinegar.

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