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How to Do Manicure Nails

Jan 11, 2017

How to Do Manicure Nails

In order to look beautiful, you need to invest time, efforts and money. But, as you know it is not a cost effective to avail beauty related services from saloons every time. Nail plays a vital role in the overall beauty of the body. So, in order to keep them beautiful, you need to do manicure of the nails regularly. Fortunately, you can do manicure nails at home in a cost effective manner without any hard work.

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How to do manicure nails

In order to perform the task of manicure nail, you need to follow the following step by step guide:

Remove nail polish – the very first step towards manicure nail is the removal of old nail polish that has lost its beauty. There are several nail polish removal liquids available at the drug store that can be acetone and non-acetone. The acetone based nail polish remover works faster than that of non-acetone but they evaporate quite quickly. So, it is up to you which one is suitable for you.

Clipping the nails – In order to make your nails size as per your desire, you need to clip them. Some women face breakage problems in the nails. So, it is good to soak your nails in slightly warm water. After soaking the nails, you will find it very easy to clip your nails.

Shaping your nails – Once the clipping work finishes, you need to properly shape up your nails. Here, there are two choices for you. Either you make them round shape or rounded square at the edges using nail file. You should avoid metal or any hard material based nail file to shape your nails because hard tool can damage your nails and can cause breakage.

Cuticle shape – After removing the old polish from your nails, it is the time to properly shape your cuticles. There are various types of lotions and oils available for this purpose. You just need to apply the lotion or oil over the cuticles and rub mildly. You will notice that cuticles will get soften within few minutes. Now take a cuticle stick and push cuticles on the back side. Never eliminate the cuticles from fingers because they keep your nails safe from bacteria.

Wash your nails – After doing all the above work, use a mild nail brush to exfoliate the nails. Alternatively, you may use tooth brush to wash the nails. In addition, you need any good quality hand scrub to properly clean your hand and let them dry. This step ensures that all the dead skin near the nails gets eliminated.

Moisturizing Process – Now, you need to massage your cuticles and hand. For this purpose, you can use any good quality creamy moisturizer. This helps a lot in making your hand and cuticles skin soft and mild and give them a glowing effect.

Glam your nails – The objective of manicure nails has achieved in the previous step. So, this step is optional one if you want to glam your nails with nail polish. It is necessary to clean your nails and cuticles from the moisturizer using cotton or tissue paper. After finishing the process of cleaning moisturizer, apply nail polish of your chosen color to make your hands look beautiful. Well you have just done the manicure nails at fraction of cost that a saloon charges. Is not a great job!

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